The Only Truth


Let's talk about Truth, it's Manner and Kind
I am sure there are ways you can find
to speak the unspoken, from mind to mind
Every secret is a Promise
Not every promise is a secret.
If you learn nothing else,
Learn how to keep it.
Now, get that out of your mind.
It's Water you fool.
The wedge that cracks
The hammer that grinds
Ha! It's the foundation of business
That is an agreement
Hands that are clasped
That's Trust, a firm contract.
It's Marriage my friend,
We must disagree.
That's me and my love,
Two as one, that's a "We"!
Nay, it's Parenting you say,
To lift them up and raise them higher, 
Not hold them down with selfish desires.
It is Philosophy, the cornerstone of the Greeks.
It's Therefore, logic leads to knowledge
And Because it is shared, strong are the meek.
Yes, it's the paradox of All, no mind can ever be alone.
If there is One, there must be Many.
And without the Many, there can be no One.


A fucking know-it-all?
I prefer the term Sexual Intellectual
you might wanna think twice before you do battle
with this blue-eyed white boy from Seattle
You stylized, sphincter-sucking sycophants
I’ll bury bitches in layered linguistics
and alluvial alliteration like I said, I meant
A fossil on the beach, a washed-up has-been?
Remember these things come in threes

You claim your attacks are some kind of help
that kind of dumb makes me repeat myself
because my verses are like icebergs
in that the part that goes deep is the part you can’t see
and that ain’t the only thing like that about me
lookup what I say so that you can feel the rub glacially
only show the world the parts that are outstanding
inside so hot and cold you could pass for Icelandic
You’re just bubbling crude like ancient trees

And if you dig deeper to come back for more
I hope you can handle being dismantled
No one can stand ya, blood boils like magma
A major deterrent, swapping undercurrents
Hit something solid against your volatile
I’ll rock you right to your core!
I’m the Subliminal Slayer, built layer-by-layer
Compressed impressions designed by me
here endeth the lesson in G-Holla-G.

Don’t come back lookin’ for trouble
Tectonic plates, like your face, are buckled
I’ll take you down on the double
It’s going to hurt when I hit you with the Earth
Stay down kid, I still got the shovel.

A Sorting algorithm for (2,4) mod 6. The Syracuse solution.

Volume 00, Number 0, Pages 000–000
S 0894-0347(XX)0000-0
Part 1. Introduction
The Domain of x=positive integers, Domain of n=natural numbers for odds and
positive integers for evens.
Gives: 3n+1=y where: if n=2x, n
2 , and if n=2x+1, 3n+1
This domain definition yields two trivial loops at x=0, and another at x=1 for
y=2x as it then feeds into the odd trivial loop of x=0. It also yields a single domain
for all x, giving a process for negating any dependent linear expressions.
Every power of two (2a) will collapse to the trivial odd loop if we divide by 2,
so we need to ensure our algorithm can cycle through all possible evens that can
have powers of two, divide by two if it is a power of two, and kick out of our ”slot
machine” if it is not.
We need to account for every even and odd input, and every possible output.
Our function cannot have solutions that repeat, but the more values it covers the
more likely we are to find a power of two. Linear function solutions are preferred
as they ensure no repeat solutions.
Ideally, we would also be able to extend the approach to the domain of negative
integers. If there is a linear solution, or set of solutions, then we should be able to
extend those to the negative integer domain while maintaining the same range.
With the realization that only powers of two will collapse to the trivial loop
of x=0 for all 2(x) and is the only point in which they crossover, we can use the
expanded equation
to begin understanding the possible combinations. This would lead to using the
6-coprime expansion, also a 6 mod c notation. This also leads to the expansion of
all 6-coprimes listed in the next section. this coprime expansion will also be the
basis for expanding to the negative integers.As this expansion is inclusive of all of
2010 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary .
©XXXX American Mathematical Society
the coprime expansions of 2 and 3, all possibilities for the Collatz expansion are
Part 2. Coprime Expansion
2(3x) 2(3x+1) 2(3x+2)
6x+0 6x+1 6x+2 6x+3 6x+4 6x+5
3(2x) 3(2x)+1 3(2x)+2 3(2x+1) 3(2x+1)+1 3(2x+1)+2
As is illustrated in the above diagram, the odd and even coprime multiples of 3
and their related doublets as even numbers are completely covered. This represents
every possible permutation of coprime linear equations for 3’s. This also gives a
structure for separating out that which can be a power of two and that which can’t.
While this is not specific, it does limit the amount of possibilities significantly. This
also has an impact on the sequencing of every possibility.
With the above table it is trivial to see that the odd and even outputs of the
algorithm 3n+1 have unique values. What is not so trivial to see is that the function
3n + 2 can also be used as a substitute for finding twos with a little tweaking to
the algorithm, but it can be done by setting the expression equal to the expression
for odds and taking the resultant root as the starting value for the next iteration.
3n + 2 = 2x + 1
3x + 2 = 2×1 + 1
and so on, using the convention of dividing by 2 until you arrive at 1 or an odd
number other than 1. Also, after subtracting 1, if 2x is a power of two, it would
also be one in the 3n+1, so you can divide down to 1. That is where it breaks down
however, as there can be no zero value that is odd in that substitution function.
The inference of dividing to a trivial loop is able to be realized with the divide rule
mentioned above.
This also gives a maximum slope of 3(2x+1)+2 or 6x+5 for any iteration path
that would be climbing towards infinity. This would also require that every seed
value produce an odd value for the seed value x and there only be one division by
2 every iteration. The distribution of evens and odds in the seed value x supports
all previous work that took the probability as abstract. This applies to all previous
work on 3n+1 and 3n+2 on the Collatz Conjecture as these are the only outputs,
and therefore secondary seed values, for the Collatz Conjecture.
Part 3. Negative Integer Domain
If we change our domain, we need to continue the negation across all steps
2x + 1 = 2x − 1 = n
3n + 1 = 3n − 1 = 3(2x − 1) − 1 = 6x − 4
Which gives us the following expansion like the positive integers:
2(3x) 2(3x-1) 2(3x-2)
6x-0 6x-1 6x-2 6x-3 6x-4 6x-5
3(2x) 3(2x)-1 3(2x)-2 3(2x-1) 3(2x-1)-1 3(2x-1)-2
This allows us to see the direct expansion to negative integers and that every
iteration following the form outlined above will give the same result for the domain
of the negative integers. All of the above shows that previous findings of other and
in this paper apply to the negative integers when using this form.
Part 4. Conclusion
With the above information we can determine, for any given x:
(1) The maximum slope for any iteration of this algorithm is 6x + 5 which
implies a minimum logarithmic density.
(2) The only outputs possible from any given input are divisions by 2a and the
parity of a tells you if it is 6x + 1 or 6x + 5 and anything else results in
another division by 2.
(3) the only way out of the loop is to find a power of 2.
(4) the even numbers that correlate to 6x+2 and 6x+4 can be sorted by this
process into 3 distinct outputs, the odd roots correspond to 6x+5 and the
even roots that are not a power of 2 will correspond to 6x + 1. The zero
value being the only identity crossover point. all other values are distinct.
(5) If changing the domain of x to the negative integers, then all operations
must be properly negated in order to show the same results for that domain,
but the algorithm can be completely mapped to the negative integers.
With the above points we can determine that the 6-coprime expansion encompasses
all of the behaviors and examples of the algorithm output possibilities. The expansion
also shows the differentiation by parity of the input value of x and by the
number of divisions by 2, or 2a. The parity of a is also determinant to which output
is achieved, pairing even values of a with even values of x. The only other
outputs available are the divisions by 2, which yield the trivial loop when there are
no odd factors.
Abstract. ABSTRACT: In this it is shown that there is an algorithm for
sorting (2,4) mod 6 (a.k.a. Syracuse problem, Collatz conjecture, Hailstone
problem, etc.) is true through the use of 6 coprime notation and seeing the
problem as an algorithm for sorting roots of even numbers to find powers of
two from integers-reduced-to-odd inputs, a robust algorithm in fact. Previous
work focused on the 3n+1 structure, but this reasoning shows that it only
encompassed half of the solution. 3n+2 being the other half.
CA 92630
Email address:

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Full Fucking Jedi

I am so happy you stayed interested
And of course, apology accepted
And my equal reply
In full, in kind
Now let's see if I can't make good the investment
I'm going to give this a helluva try
cause if I'm even mostly right
There's lots to do
more than me and you
and I'm a fucking Jedi Knight!
The gap after the song was indeed a dramatic pause
I wanted to be clear, plus it's some of the best advice I ever got
When he was singin'
Keep their heads ringin'
And made a phone call, like it or not
Now, A phone call to you, is a party line to me
They wouldn't have believed, and they needed to see
A tail wag to you
Hi, I'm Andrew
and it doesn't get any more real than me
And now, Experiment successful! let's say twice
the third time was to show you what it was like
Mrs. look-you-in-the-eyes-when-I-do-it
He thought He could do it
Was the fourth time because of the fight?
And you already know I am not a witch
You just can't stop scratching that itch
Stop being so bold
You know you've been told
Now watch those stumbles Mitch
And I'm not trying to take down the man
It's more like Denny's, a real Country Slam
and Brother, t'was more than little chuckle
When I got to call ya all Hat and no Buckle
It really was good to finally see your fam
So many out there that I could mention
The little Tumblers attention
And a blush
for my Comic Crush
And the White Queen up in her mansion
This isn't a joke, it's gravely important
I love to laugh, but y'alls perspective is distorted
If this is real
do you really feel
That your satisfaction is to what it should be devoted?


For the dude whose head looks like a cue
And Dave the 8-ball that was with you
'"Hi guys", you heard that too right?'
Yeah, you heard right that night
And, you doubting bitches, I did too
Wait, Hold up there buddy, It smells a little Musky
Now I'm pretty sure that bet was for 2 big hunks of money
dunno if it was a Mil,
or was it Bill?
But that Saturday Night Live shit was funny
'And to take out the cast'
they say the best for last 😉

Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses Song

but always, always, always, make them laugh…
oh yeah,  I had to look back but it made me smile
You guys were the reason that she had to lie
So, thanks for the shower, Big Willie Style…

Sentry Drones (almost)

Killer robots are a mainstay of science fiction. But unlike teleportation and flying cars, they are something that we are likely to see within our lifetime. The only thing that’s stopping countries like the USA, South Korea, the UK, or France from deploying autonomous killing machine in the very near term is that they’re likely…

via Taking Killer Robots Seriously — Hackaday

Mathematics and Physics #1: Richard Feynman


Although the realm of Mathematics in Physics is vast, I wanted to start a series where I talk about famous physicists whose work involved a large quantity of mathematics, starting off with Richard Feynman.

Ever since reading his semi-autobiography ‘Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!‘ I became fascinated with Feynman and his outlook on life. A charismatic man, he was a huge populariser of physics through both his books and lectures, for example, a 1959 talk on top-down nanotechnology called There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom, and the three-volume publication of his undergraduate lectures, The Feynman Lectures on Physics.

Feynman was born in New York City in 1918, and studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he obtained his B.Sc. in 1939 and at Princeton University where he obtained his Ph.D in 1942. 

Feynman is most well known for his work in quantum mechanics, the theory of…

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Why I Don’t Hate Donald Trump, and why he should run as an independent.

EDIT: while I still agree with the ideals of my own post, I am regretting this massively. The reversion back to feudalism and elitism that Trump represents, the lies and misdirections to avoid his own responsibilities, while he drunkenly pretends to know how to be president, are a blight on this nation’s history. Over 180,000 dead as of this writing, and he could have prevented many of them. SHould have been an independent, ut the damage is done. If this is the future of the RNC, I cannot see a way I can be a part of that political party. The party of McConnell and Trump is very much against what this country was founded on. Separation of church and state, the right for an individual to choose what happens to their own body, and the fact that a high-earning middle class is what has always propelled this nation ahead, not one that struggles with every bill, thinks it is taxes that keeps their income down instead of the laws and political dealings the RNC and many of its members have made. Blaming democratic governors for not doing what Trump should have, and forgetting that many republican governors opened up early and tens of thousands died because of it. He is not my president, and he is pretty much a charlatan. But too many people who don’t understand what he is doing, but want to believe him are still doing so. And that is the scariest thing of all.


First of all let me say this: I am not a Trump supporter. I don’t believe in his rhetoric, and I sincerely hope he doesn’t win the election. But he illustrates what is great about our political process. The fact that a demagogue businessman who has a terrible record and no background in politics can run for President is exactly what makes America great. That racist, sexist, undereducated views are not only heard, but taken seriously. This is the entire logic behind voting, that everyone, even those who seem to be destructive abusive, and not even grasp the founding principles of this country get to have a voice. And right now, that voice is Donald Trump.

He gives voice to many that have no real representation. Disenfranchised voters, unwitting advocates of a fascist message one moment, and a leftist agenda the next. He gives these citizens of America a voice. By illustrating their frustrations and views with his blatant disregard for compunction, good taste, good sense and genuine leadership, he has garnered a following. A very loyal and devoted following. People do misinformed, uninformed or just plain morally corrupt that they have pledged their votes, and possibly their souls to his campaign. This is not only what makes America great, it’s why I say Trump should keep running, even if he loses the Republican nomination.

By giving these fine citizens of this great country such a spot on voice and platform, Donald Trump has become their voice. Doing this has a side-effect as well.  Donald Trump has a duty to keep running. If he doesn’t get the Republican nomination, he needs to run as an independent. These people won’t fall behind “Lyin’ Ted” and are not likely to go democrat. No, Donald Trump has a duty to give these people the voice they have pledged to, and the leadership they crave. I think he knows this. Only he can provide this to the people he represents, and the ideals he espouses and represents. Only he can do this. Only Donald Trump can give these people a voice to “save America”. He has said so himself. This isn’t a business venture like his Trump steaks that he can abandon whenever, these are real people who believe in his message and capability. By running as an Independent, he can truly be a unifier, across parties, across dates, across the world.

This is about honoring those who follow him, honoring why he started ruining in the first place, and above all, honoring those Americans who support him and make America great. His Obligation, duty, and implied contract with those followers requires it.

Mr. Trump, you must continue to run for president no matter what. While I do not support your message, I support your reasons, and the system in this country that gives you the right and responsibility to be the voice only you can be. Shine on as an example and voice to those troubled and jaded citizens who have thrown their unwavering wrong support behind you. Give thought to your responses, allow the Republicans to steal your nomination, they were against you anyway and you are beholden to none.

Donald Trump running for President is WHY America is great. Giving a voice to those who have none, and showing them that anyone can run, no matter what is what the political process is an out. A colored man is president, a woman may be, a Democratic Socialist might be, a fanatical religious zealot might be, and then there’s Trump, standing out as a beacon of sense to those who don’t brother to listen to his exact words built rely on their gut instinct to guide them. Keep adding fuel to that fire in their belly so your rocket can rush to the sky and shopper these people with the fireworks of your ascent Mr. Trump. This c pantry needs you to do so.

Whatever the outcome of this election, Donald Trump has made it historic. He has solidified his place in the annals of American politics and pop culture. By polarizing a nation and captivating their attention he has made this presidential primary more watched and involved than many actual presidential races of the past. Whatever you feel about Mr. Trump, he has definitely garnered a historic place, and he should continue, for the sake of the people who see him as a leader and their voice, he needs to continue, and the country, no, the World, needs him to continue. A 3-way race with Democrat, Republican, and Trump would be historic, fantastic, and an absolute fanfare of unprecedented political upheaval this country needs. Keep giving them your voice and leadership Mr. Trump, it is desperately needed in this world.

Again, not my voice, not my vote, but that is what is great about this country, everyone gets a voice. Don’t cut the throats of your followers by quitting Donald Trump. Give them a voice for the ages, and let them sing!

Forgotten Mathematicians: Indian Maths

From a sexy mathsbyagirl….


I decided to continue with my ‘Forgotten Mathematicians’ series with Indian mathematics.

Mathematics owes a huge debt to the extraordinary contributions given by Indian mathematicians over many hundreds of years, however there has been a reluctance to recognise this.

Vedic Period (between 1500 BC and 800 BC)

The earliest expression of mathematical understanding is linked with the origin of Hinduism as mathematics forms an important part of the Sulbasutras (appendices of the Vedas – the original Hindu scriptures). They contained geometrical knowledge showing a development in mathematics, although it was purely for practical religious purposes. Additionally, there is evidence of the use of arithmetic operations including square, cubes and roots.

The Sulbasutras were composed by Baudhayana (around 800 BC), Manava (about 750 BC). Apastamba (about 600 BC) and Katyayana (about 200 BC).

Before the end of this period – around the middle of the 3rd century BC – the Brahmi numerals began to…

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