North Korea’s Bratty Emperor

Maybe you haven’t heard, or read anything about North Korea lately. You know, that militarily despotic country that has oppressed its people since the 70’s? The one that was made fun of (brilliantly I might add)  in the movie America: World Police, we had M.A.S.H. on TV about (for longer than the actual police action) and recently had its dictator die and hand power over to his bratty and despotic progeny? If you have not, try reading this recent article, and here is my take on the recent developments. While I take a sarcastic tone, please understand, the talking points i bring up are quite real, and I keep it light to offset the gravity of the situation. This is a country that would starve its people in order to gain nuclear capability. That is a terrible misuse of scientific resources and intellectual resources. the scientists that make it out of there are fortunate, and the people that stay to try to make it better face the threat of torture, imprisonment, and death, just to help their people. The courage of those people, and the common people that keep the country together should not be ignored by China, Russia, or the world. THIS is what the U.N. was made for. Kim Jong Un… your 15 minutes are ticking away quickly sir.

So, a country that has a food shortage of 800,000 TONS, and 500,000 TONS of crude oil, spends its money and talent on nuclear capability? And not only that, it then wants to use that to leverage its ONLY friendly trade partner? Y’know, sometimes, some kids, just need to get spanked. Hit them while they haven’t weaponized their ballistic missles yet. We have sizeable drones, hey China, wanna borrow some of our cool remote-controlled toys? We have been keeping Pakistan down so they can’t keep trading nuclear parts to N. Korea, or do ya just wanna roll tanks and planes into their backyard and destroy their sandbox? Either way, they don’t have the nuclear capability yet, and if they use nuclear, the collateral damage of glassing the capital where the bratty kid (Kim Jong Un) hides out, is worth the security and peace to the rest of the world. The lesser of 2 evils, sometimes is the greater of 2 goods. This is an easier strategy than Iraq, or Pakistan. The people in N. Korea are not motivated for fighting, they need food. Between a massive humanitarian effort to relieve them of their hunger, a military effort to depose the jackass in power, and a worldwide effort (Read mostly China, and hopefully Europe, since they have the wind and other green-tech on ready, and we should be working with S. America) to provide simple,  efficient, and sustainable power, farming methods, and waste disposal. N. Korea can maintain its alliance with China, and Russia could even get in on it by becoming a major source of raw material trade, and a close source of foodstuffs from N. Korea. Between the lift of trade sanctions, the tying up of foreign capital in the local areas, and freeing the United States from military costs and deployment, as well as strengthening our ties to our hemisphere, a conglomeration from the U.N. defense council could ensure and secure a greater peace in the region, and the world. Please, if there is to be military expenditures and deployments, and the U.N. is to convene, let this be an issue, the U.N. security council is made up of every country that stands to benefit, and has the philosophical reasoning to justify, stopping this madness. Screw the oil places, stop the nuclear proliferation into the hands of madness.

Your little Dose of Andrew…

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